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IWCA’s Membership Reaches 40 Wineries and 10 Countries with 3 New Applicant Wineries

Welcome and congratulations to Opus One Winery (California, USA), Ste. Michelle Wine Estates (Oregon, USA), and Tikveš Winery (our very first winery from North Macedonia)—IWCA’s newest Applicant Member wineries!

IWCA’s membership is now 40 wineries strong across 10 countries and 5 continents—a formidable, inspiring community of wineries taking on the climate crisis. We are thrilled to expand our global presence in North Macedonia for the first time as we welcome Tikveš Winery to IWCA.

Through IWCA, wineries regularly conduct comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventories, allowing them to identify emissions “hotspots” and take targeted action to reduce their carbon footprint. Wineries also join a collective movement—learning and sharing best practices with the world’s most forward-looking wineries and speaking up together about the urgency of climate change in the wine sector.

We applaud Tikveš Winery, Opus One Winery, and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates for their demonstrated commitment to climate action. Learn more about our newest Applicant wineries below, and contact us to learn how to join our movement.

Opus One Winery

California, USA

Opus One Winery is dedicated to the pursuit of absolute quality and the creation of a single wine of balance, complexity, and power. As farmers and artisans, deeply concerned with our collective future, Opus One recognizes that sustainability practices benefit the winery, its employees, its neighbors, its customers, and future generations. The culture and internal practices at Opus One reflect the winery's commitment to conservation and responsible consumption in the areas of energy, water, waste management, transportation, purchasing, and food.

"Opus One is eager to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging and inspiring others in the wine industry to do the same through our membership with IWCA. We look forward to contributing to the creation of a green print for the planet that will protect individuals, families, and our community." - Angela Vavricka, Production Manager, Opus One Winery

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Oregon, USA

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is among the largest and most admired premium wine companies in the U.S. and the pioneering winery of the Pacific Northwest. With a distinguished history that began on December 5, 1933 – when the founder filed the original articles of incorporation at 9:02 a.m. on the very day Prohibition was repealed – Ste. Michelle has always challenged convention and seized opportunity. Principles rooted deeply in executional excellence and relentless focus drive Ste. Michelle’s passion for producing the highest quality wines, dedication to the consumer and a commitment to its communities.

“Sustainability in its best form is data-based, replicable, and open sourced. IWCA and its commitment to climate action account for all this and allow for wineries to collaborate in a way that can create real sustainable change. At Ste. Michelle we are committed to this mission and building a path forward for the wine industry that supports our planet’s environmental and social systems.” - Madeline Mathews, Sustainability Manager, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Tikveš Winery

North Macedonia

Tikveš Winery was founded in 1885 in a region with centuries-old winemaking tradition, blessed with perfect natural conditions, warm and passionate people and a lively, authentic culture. Dedicated to improving the environment and social surroundings through example and experience, Tikveš' commitment is to lead and guide the path for the wine industry in Macedonia.

"My passion is to bring out the best of the Macedonian terroir to the world, by minding the colors, the taste, and the rich heritage of Macedonia. It is my commitment to future generations -- to reduce emissions and to produce sustainable wines." - Svetozar Janevski, Owner and President



IWCA actively invites wineries and other members of the wine industry interested in our mission to contact us. Membership is open to any wine company involved in the production process from winegrowing to bottling that believes in taking strategic action to accelerate innovative climate solutions. Non-wineries sharing our mission and values can support our work as an IWCA Friend.


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