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XChateau: “Tackling Climate Change with Josep Maria Ribas & Julien Gervreau, IWCA”

Josep Maria Ribas Portella, Climate Change Director for Familia Torres, and Julien Gervreau, Vice President of Sustainability at Jackson Family Wines, joined Robert Vernick and Peter Yeung on the XChateau podcast on October 13th to discuss the critical importance of climate action for the future of the wine industry.

Josep and Julien discussed IWCA’s efforts to tackle the challenge, including the role of GHG emissions measurement. Josep and Julien have been leaders in IWCA since the collective was founded by Familia Torres and Jackson Family Wines in February 2019. In addition to committing significant efforts on a day-to-day basis in strengthening and growing IWCA, Josep and Julien are members of IWCA’s Board of Directors.

Listen to the conversation below, download the episode on Apple Podcasts, or find links to download the episode through your favorite podcast player here.

Embedded with permission from XChateau.


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