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Taking collective action to decarbonize the global wine industry.

IWCA is a collaborative working group of wineries committed to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry.

As a partner of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, IWCA commits to achieving and reporting on progress towards "net zero."

We are driven by our member wineries, which gain tools, knowledge, recognition, and a like-minded community in IWCA.

Catch up on what we have been working on and our efforts to decarbonize the wine sector.


Since IWCA was founded in 2019, we have grown into an international collective of wineries dedicated to taking climate action.

Our latest annual report highlights our efforts and IWCA member wineries' progress towards reducing their GHG emissions.

DRAFT IWCA Annual Report 2022_Page_01.png

Read and download our 2022 annual report.


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