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IWCA is part of the Race to Zero campaign, a United Nations-backed, global campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, and investors for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon recovery that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth. 


IWCA was the first Race to Zero partner representing the wine and agriculture sector.



IWCA publishes annual reports sharing progress on our member wineries’ GHG emissions reductions, as required by Race to Zero. These reports highlight our efforts and IWCA member wineries' progress towards reducing their GHG emissions.

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Read and download our 2022 annual report.

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Read and download our 2021 annual report.

2021 Annual Report


Launched on World Environment Day 2020, the objective for Race to Zero is to build momentum around the shift to a decarbonized economy ahead of COP26, where governments must strengthen their contributions to the Paris Agreement. All members are credibly committed to the same overarching goal: achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the very latest and meeting intermediate emissions reductions targets by 2030.

Race to Zero mobilizes a coalition of leading net zero initiatives, representing 1,148 cities, 49 states and regions, 9,759 businesses, 617 financial institutions, and 1,146 educational institutions. Together they form the largest, growing, alliance of non-state actors committed to taking rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer zero carbon world in time.

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As part of the Race to Zero campaign, IWCA’s members are committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Through Race to Zero, IWCA and our members are building awareness and support for solutions that help move wine producers and vineyard owners closer to becoming climate positive.

"Whilst the wine industry is responsible for few emissions, it is one of the agricultural activities most affected by global climate change. We are delighted to welcome International Wineries for Climate Action into the Race to Zero, and applaud their ambition to become climate positive by 2050." 

Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Champion for COP26

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