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A close-up photo of purple grapes at IWCA member Voyager Estate in Australia.

Our Mission & Story


International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) is a collaborative working group of environmentally committed wineries taking a science-based approach to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry.

Our goal is to share best practices that mitigate climate change impacts in vineyard and winery operations so that we can act collectively to decarbonize the global wine industry — applying direct solutions that avoid purchasing carbon offset credits.


We raise awareness in the viticulture community of the urgent need to take climate action


We have developed rigorous carbon accounting methodologies for the wine sector


We share strategies and best practices to help wineries reduce their GHG emissions

A budding vine at Sogrape, IWCA winery in Portugal.

What Drives Us

As wineries, we are some of the first businesses impacted by the climate crisis.

Climate change is fundamentally shifting where, when, and what kind of wine can be grown, putting the future of multi-generational local wineries at risk.


Unpredictable weather patterns are affecting crop abundance and grape chemistry and quality. Increasingly frequent extreme events, from droughts to flooding to wildfires, place entire harvests — and businesses — in danger.

Our Backstory

IWCA was founded in 2019 by Familia Torres (Penedes, Spain) and Jackson Family Wines (California, USA) to galvanize the global wine community to tackle the climate crisis.

Since our founding, IWCA — registered as a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization in the United States — has grown into a global movement of dozens of member wineries spanning the globe.

Miguel A. Torres and Katie Jackson signing the official paperwork to launch IWCA in 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

The launch signing of IWCA in February 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, with Miguel A. Torres, fourth generation and President at Familia Torres, and Katie Jackson, second-generation proprietor and Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Jackson Family Wines.

Our Progress

Our annual reports highlight our efforts and IWCA member wineries' progress towards reducing their GHG emissions.

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2023 IWCA Annual Report Cover Page
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Cover page of IWCA's 2022 Annual Report.
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Cover page of IWCA's 2021 Annual Report.
IWCA Annual Reports
A landscape view of IWCA winery Herència Altés. The roof of the winery is covered in solar panels. The company's vineyards are seen in the background.

Meet our Member Wineries

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