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Bird's eye view of a vineyard at Spottswoode Estate, IWCA winery in California.

Knowledge Sharing

Ground-Truthed Best Practices & Innovations

To accelerate the transition to a climate-positive wine sector, IWCA raises awareness of the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the viticulture community — critical to preserving our increasingly fragile future.


Most importantly, we facilitate knowledge sharing to help wineries take tangible action.

Through virtual workshops and dialogues that IWCA organizes for our members, we dive into the practical ins-and-outs of emissions reduction strategies. Our goal is to amplify actionable solutions that have a measurable impact on wineries' direct and indirect carbon footprint.

Cover Crops at Jackson Family Wines, IWCA Member, California


Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health

Screenshot of the cover page of IWCA's report on regenerative agriculture and soil health.

We compiled a practical report that details the practices that IWCA member wineries are implementing to promote soil health and vineyard carbon sequestration. This report also summarizes existing research on quantification of carbon captured and the permanence of sequestered carbon.

Demistifying Climate Action

IWCA member wineries across the world are implementing a variety of strategies to tackle their GHG emissions — changing practices within their own businesses and across their value chains.

Looking for examples and inspiration? Every year, we spotlight our wineries' climate actions in our annual report.

A LEED-certified sustainable building on the edge of a vineyard at Silver Oak and Twomey Cellars in California.

Recent IWCA News & Winery Spotlights

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