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In the face of accelerating climate change, the wine and agriculture community must take strong action to mitigate its climate impacts. It’s not just the right thing to do—it’s critical to preserving our increasingly fragile future.

To accelerate the transition to a climate-positive wine sector, IWCA raises awareness of the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the viticulture community. We also facilitate knowledge sharing to help wineries take action.



One of our first  knowledge sharing efforts focused on regenerative farming and the potential for soil carbon sequestration.


We compiled a practical report that details the practices that IWCA member wineries are implementing to promote soil health and vineyard carbon sequestration. This report also summarizes existing research on quantification of carbon captured and the permanence of sequestered carbon.

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Read IWCA's scoping report on the carbon sequestration potential of regenerative agriculture practices.

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Constellation Brands Fine Wines (U.S.)

Learn about IWCA's members and their dedication to decarbonizing the wine industry.

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Emina Ribera

Catch up on the latest news about our climate action efforts.

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