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Top Rioja house, C.V.N.E, has become the latest leading Spain wine producer to achieve prestigious IWCA Gold Member status

An image of a brown stone block reading "CVNE" stands in front of a vineyard, with a dramatic stone formation rising above a mountain in the distance. The image is overlaid with the CNVE logo and IWCA Gold Member logo.

We are delighted to announce that Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España (C.V.N.E.) has achieved IWCA Gold Member status!

This leading Spanish wine company achieved this milestone having  demonstrated consistent reductions in emissions over time (verified through third-party audited, comprehensive GHG emissions inventories across Scopes 1, 2, and 3) and self-generating onsite renewable energy equivalent to at least 20% of all energy that they consume.

Maria Urrutia, Marketing Director and family member, said, “At C.V.N.E. we have 145 years of history in the same family; a history that has taught us the importance of legacy and of stamping the mark of excellence on what we do. That is why we love and take great care of the land, the vineyard and the fruit of it all: the product.”


She continued:

“We are fortunate because we have been able to learn from the past to improve the future, as the land and its care an absolute priority for those of us who are and make C.V.N.E. Achieving IWCA Gold membership in just one year encourages us to continue working in the same line in which we are doing and shows us that we are on the right path. It is a great recognition of the effort made, a work of the whole C.V.N.E. team that encourages us to keep on fighting.”

A Track Record of Climate Action

C.V.N.E. is not just one of Spain's foremost quality wine producers. The company is has also been leading the charge for sustainability and climate action in wine.

100% of C.V.N.E.’s electrical energy used, across all their installations, comes from 100% renewable sources with Renewable Guarantee of Origin certifications – crucial in achieving zero Scope 2 emissions. In addition, they have installed a biomass boiler, replacing fossil fuel consumption with energy produced from by-product forest residues. This, alongside the installation of solar panels, means that 23% of all their energy comes from onsite renewable sources.


Other efforts have contributed to C.V.N.E.’s achievement in reducing their GHG emissions year over year. These include the use of recycled packaging cardboard, lighter weight grids and bottles, and returnable pallets in many markets. Additionally, the company has built a new logistics center which has been awarded the GREEN certification for building sustainability.

Join us in congratulating the entire team at C.V.N.E. for this accomplishment!


IWCA actively invites wineries interested in our mission to contact us. Membership is open to any wine company involved in the production process from winegrowing to bottling that believes in taking strategic action to accelerate innovative climate solutions.


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