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IWCA Launches New “Friends” Initiative

Transformative, lasting climate action in the wine sector takes leadership from all parts of the industry. At International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), we are proud to be wineries at the forefront of the movement for climate action in wine. But we know we can’t achieve industry-wide change without allies.

That’s why we are excited to launch IWCA Friends: a new way for climate action champions in the wine sector to support our mission and grow our movement alongside IWCA Member wineries.

“This initiative is designed to encompass the industry’s entire value chain, attracting businesses across the globe who share our values of transparency and rigor when it comes to promoting emissions reduction,” explains IWCA Executive Director Charlotte Hey.

IWCA Friends share the same core commitment as IWCA Member wineries: to work towards eliminating greenhouse gas emissions across their operations and supply chain. IWCA Friends may be:

  • Any professional or entity from the wine sector that shares IWCA values and commitments, champions IWCA’s mission, and has already demonstrated an outstanding commitment toward climate action. Professionals/entities that may join IWCA Friends include industry & trade groups/generic organizations/promotional bodies, Sommelier/on-trade associations, and educational organizations and institutions.

  • Wine sector suppliers or distributors and any business related to the wine industry value/supply chain from the vineyard to the end consumer (including non-traditional winery businesses) that share IWCA values and are willing to support IWCA’s efforts. 

  • Retailers, large or small, who are dedicated to measuring their carbon footprint and taking science-aligned steps towards reducing GHG emissions in the short, mid, and long-term to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2050, in line with Race to Zero commitments.  

In short: “IWCA Friends are making climate action a priority for our sector,” underlines Charlotte Hey.

If this sounds like you, contact us today to learn how you can become involved!


Read our full press release about the launch of IWCA Friends here.


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