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IWCA Issues Official IWCA Certificate for Member Wineries, in Collaboration with LRQA

IWCA has just launched an official certificate for our member wineries with the aim of becoming the highest standard of climate activism in the global wine sector.

“The newly created IWCA certificate is an additional asset for the member winery, as it evaluates the consistency of a winery’s carbon footprint, its performance related to GHG emissions reduction efforts in line with the science-based medium and long-term targets (becoming Net Zero by no later than 2050), and the winery’s commitment to implementing renewable energy at the winery,” says Josep Maria Ribas, Climate Change Director at Familia Torres, one of the founding board members of International Wineries for Climate Action.

Read our press release announcing the news here!

Click here for the press release in Spanish. Click here for the press release in Catalan.

IWCA’s Comprehensive, Standardized Process to Calculate Carbon Footprints

The certificate is part of a new comprehensive process IWCA has developed to audit companies and evaluate whether they meet IWCA membership requirements by establishing a standardized way of calculating their carbon footprint.

Through this process, IWCA members are expected to verify their GHG emissions inventory by a third-party ISO14064-accredited audit firm, and work with the firm to compile information required in our ‘Audit Summary Form.’ Once the winery has been granted membership, IWCA will present the winery with the IWCA certificate, which will also be validated by the audit firm.

The IWCA certification scheme has been created in collaboration with LRQA (formerly known as Lloyd’s Register), one of the leading global audit firms with a strong expertise in sustainability ISO standards, although it can also be issued by other accredited auditing firms, following the same certification scheme.

A Trusted and Rigorous Movement to Decarbonize the Wine Sector

The IWCA certificate demonstrates the commitment of all members to decarbonize the wine sector and move towards Net Zero by 2050 by effectively monitoring their progress.

Standardization is a must, but so is trustworthiness; IWCA accomplishes both. This certificate represents the highest standard of climate activism in the wine sector and it will certainly inspire other sectors to do the same,” says Olga Rivas, Technical Director Business Assurance, LRQA Spain.

We actively encourage wineries committed to reducing their carbon emissions and driving change across the industry to join our collaborative working group. Information about how to apply to join IWCA is available on our website, and we invite interested wineries to contact us to initiate a conversation.


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