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Karen MacNeil Becomes IWCA's First Media Champion

A graphic showing a headshot of Karen MacNeil on the left, with the logos of WineSpeed and International Wineries for Climate Action on the right.

Karen MacNeil of The Wine Bible and WineSpeed Becomes an IWCA Media Champion

We are delighted to announce a unique collaboration with Karen MacNeil, one of the leading wine professionals in the United States and an award-winning author!

As an IWCA Media Champion, MacNeil will donate 10% of her annual proceeds from corporate subscriptions to the WineSpeed newsletter to IWCA. This donation will be used to help small wineries calculate their carbon footprint.

MacNeil is the author of The Wine Bible, the best-selling wine book in the U.S., and CEO of WineSpeed. Her Napa Valley-based company, Karen MacNeil & Company, creates customized wine experiences for individuals and corporations. Shares MacNeil,

"Karen MacNeil & Company is a small wine communications company based in the Napa Valley. But we believe that helping to solve the climate crisis is a collective responsibility, and that everyone in the wine community — not just wineries — can play a part."

A Collective Commitment to Climate Action

IWCA takes a science-based approach to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry whilst sharing best practices that mitigate climate change impacts in vineyard and winery operations.

Our mission: to build a collective movement to decarbonize the global wine industry.

As members of IWCA, wine companies regularly measure their greenhouse gas emissions — the first step to taking targeted actions to tackle their environmental footprint. Donations from Karen MacNeil and Winespeed will be used to help small wineries, who may be highly motivated but lack the organizational and financial capacity, to conduct emissions inventories.

"Karen MacNeil is one of the most influential wine educators, speakers, and authors who has spent her career helping consumers better understand, appreciate, and enjoy wine,” says Katie Jackson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Second-Generation Proprietor at Jackson Family Wines. "As a co-founder of IWCA, we appreciate her leadership in supporting small wineries by donating 10% of her annual proceeds from corporate subscriptions to WineSpeed to our organization."

Adds Jackson,

"Her voice and point of view will be impactful in moving us forward while also helping consumers and wine trade understand the work we’re doing to decarbonize the global wine industry."

"WineSpeed is part of a new wave of wine communications and education, and that includes a commitment to wine’s future. We are honored to contribute to IWCA," concludes MacNeil.

We are thrilled to launch this collaboration, and hope to continue seeing influential voices in the wine sector take a strong stand for climate action!


We invite mission-aligned organizations, professionals, and businesses contact us to support our mission and explore other ways to get involved with IWCA.


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