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India’s top wine producer, Sula Vineyards, becomes the first Indian wine producer to gain IWCA Gold Membership

An aerial view of many buildings covered in solar panels, surrounded by valleys and vineyards. The image is overlaid with the Sula Vineyards logo and IWCA Gold Member logo.

Congratulations are in order:

Sula Vineyards, one of India’s foremost wineries, has achieved IWCA Gold Member status! Sula Vineyards is the first winery in Asia to achieve this milestone — the highest carbon emission reduction standard in the wine sector.

Commenting on their new status, Rajeev Samant, CEO and Founder of Sula Vineyards, said, "Sustainability is the core of our ethos at Sula; it's not just a practice but a way of life and a foundational principle in our business. Our commitment to responsible land stewardship is driven by a belief in doing what's right, naturally leading to the production of unique, genuine wines. Our journey towards sustainability started over a decade ago, setting a precedent long before it became a mainstream pursuit.”


He added:

We now have over 3 MW of installed on-site solar power capacity, enabling us to meet almost 60% of our energy needs through our own renewable sources. We have plans in place to achieve over 70% in the next year. Earning the IWCA Gold status is a testament to our dedication and hard work, and we take pride in being among the first 10 wineries globally to achieve this esteemed recognition.”

An Ambitious Sustainability Journey

To gain IWCA Gold membership, Sula Vineyards demonstrated consistent reductions in emissions over time (verified through third-party audited, comprehensive GHG emissions inventories across Scopes 1, 2, and 3) and self-generates onsite renewable energy equivalent to at least 20% of all energy that they consume (in the case of Sula Vineyards, much higher than this threshold).

This achievement reflects Sula Vineyards’ years of action to reduce their GHG emissions, including:

  • The company meets over half of their energy usage through onsite renewable energy.

  • Sula’s goal is to transition their vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. In 2022, EVs represented 20% of their fleet.

  • The company has eliminated the use of diesel for irrigation at its vineyards by installing solar pumps. They also use wet waste from their restaurants to produce biogas, thereby reducing the use of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.

We're honored to have market leaders and pioneers such as Sula Vineyards part of our global community of wine producers advancing climate action in wine. Congratulations to Sula Vineyards for leading the way as an IWCA Gold Member!


IWCA actively invites wineries interested in our mission to contact us. Membership is open to any wine company involved in the production process from winegrowing to bottling that believes in taking strategic action to accelerate innovative climate solutions.


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