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IWCA Launches 2023 Annual Report: A Year of Growth and Impact

A graphic of an image of vines against a blue sky, overlaid with the text "2023" in large font above "Annual Report". The IWCA logo is located on the bottom right corner.

We have just released our 2023 Annual Report!

This marks another milestone in IWCA's journey to mobilize climate action the wine sector. This report is a testament to the tremendous impact our collective of 45 pioneering wine companies has achieved over the past year.

This 3rd Annual Report captures a year of dynamism, growth, and progress for our organization.

Not only have we substantially grown our coalition of environmentally committed wine producers, but as a part of IWCA, these companies have reported tangible and significant GHG emissions.

Throughout the report, we give an exclusive snapshot of how these wineries are adopting innovative practices in the face of climate change.

"The progress International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) has made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage regenerative practices, and inform their 45+ wine producing companies globally of best practice is quite remarkable. We look forward to continuing working with this important sector on their climate action." - H.E. Razan Al Mubarak, United Nations’ Climate Change High-Level Champion, and President of International Union for Conservation of Nature (2021-2025)

Representing 139 wineries in 11 countries, IWCA has become the most rigorous standard for climate action in the wine sector since we were co-founded by Familia Torres (Spain) and Jackson Family Wines (California) nearly five years ago.

IWCA is now established as the benchmark certification process and a leading movement for climate action in the wine sector: mobilizing dozens of major wine producers, applying global science-based standards to the wine industry, and standardizing GHG accounting methodologies in the wine sector.

We're ready to accelerate our impact in 2024.

We hope you'll find inspiration and community through the pages of the report. If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work, and if you are a wine producer, joining us.

We know our work is far from over, and we're ready to roll up our sleeves in the year to come!

2023 IWCA Annual Report
Download PDF • 11.51MB

Four sheep standing in a sea of yellow flowers in between vine stalks.
Sheep at Spottswoode Estate & Winery in California, USA.


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