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IWCA Board Member Rob Symington Featured in

IWCA Board member Rob Symington, Fifth Generation and Director at Symington Family Estates, was featured in in an April 7th profile by James Mayor. He discusses the family’s commitment to sustainability (including their membership in IWCA!), the urgent need to take action on climate, and the ways the Symington business is innovating in a changing world.

Symington Family Estates joined IWCA in 2019, joining a community of wineries dedicated to reducing their GHG emissions, improving their land stewardship, protecting biodiversity, and being socially responsible, locally engaged businesses. The Symingtons, leading vineyard owners in Douro, have been Port producers in northern Portugal since 1882. For five generations, they have combined their passion for producing fine wines and Ports with a deep commitment to the region’s land and people.

Rob Symington stood out in the IWCA community for his deep expertise and a passion for climate action. We are grateful that he has contributed his leadership as a member of our Board of Directors.

Read the full article here.


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