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Two Leading Regenerative Organizations Become IWCA Champions

A view of vineyards at IWCA founding Member Familia Torres in Spain. In the background are historic yellow buildings, under fluffy white clouds.

We are excited to welcome as IWCA Champions two organizations at the forefront of promoting regenerative practices in the wine sector: the Asociación de Viticultura Regenerativa and the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation!

These two organizations are at the forefront of promoting regenerative practices in the wine sector. As mission-aligned IWCA Champions — part of our Supporters initiative — the Asociación Viticultura Regenerativa and the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation will collaborate with IWCA to build awareness around climate change, promote climate action, and encourage knowledge exchange and learning.

"IWCA Supporters help amplify and accelerate the decarbonization efforts of the entire wine sector and encompass the industry’s entire value chain," shares Charlotte Hey, Executive Director of IWCA. "We are excited to be working with these two leading regenerative viticulture foundations."

Logo of the Association Viticultura Rgenerativa, new IWCA Champion from Spain.

Meet the Asociación Viticultura Regenerativa

The Asociación de Viticultura Regenerativa was founded in 2021 to drive a paradigm shift in vineyard management and the adoption of regenerative viticulture, a management model based on the carbon cycle to regenerate soils, reduce erosion, encourage biodiversity, and mitigate global warming. Promoted by five founding partners (Familia Torres, Clos Mogador, Can Feixes, Jean Leon, and AgroAssessor), the association seeks to act as a meeting point for sharing information, experiences, and know-how to successfully implement the viticulture of climate change.

“We are proud to become an IWCA Champion and join forces with winegrowers around the world that are truly committed to climate action. Regenerative viticulture can certainly contribute to reducing the winery’s carbon footprint, and at the same time secure the future of quality winemaking with healthier, better balanced, and resilient vineyards. We will all benefit from working together and sharing our efforts to reduce emissions in both vineyards and wineries.”

- Miguel Torres Maczassek, Chair, Asociación Viticultura Regenerativa

Logo of the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, new IWCA Champion based in the U.K.

Meet the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to restoring soil health in the world’s vineyards, reintroducing biodiversity and sequestering carbon. It is an active group of wine producers, scientists, ecologists and consultants, committed to showing how wine production can be a positive force for change in agriculture. Its mission is to support a transition away from a chemical based monocultural agriculture that is degenerative to soil and local ecosystems, towards a regenerative agriculture, and for greater biodiversity in viticulture to become the new conventional.

“IWCA is leading the way in decarbonizing the entire wine chain. This starts with the vineyard. By farming with nature, regenerative viticulture can reduce emissions, while storing carbon in the soil. It therefore has the potential to play an important role in decarbonizing the wine sector. We are looking forward to extending our reach as an IWCA Champion.”

- Stephen Cronk, Chair, Regenerative Viticulture Foundation


Get Involved!

IWCA actively invites wineries interested in our mission to contact us. Membership is open to any wine company involved in the production process from winegrowing to bottling that believes in taking strategic action to accelerate innovative climate solutions.

Mission-aligned, non-winery entities may join our IWCA Supporters initiative. We welcome a diversity of partners, from mission-aligned non-profit organizations to distributors and suppliers to retailers.


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